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Risks & hazards

Create risk assessments and organize your risk management.

your benefits

With our software module Risks & hazards you can identify and evaluate risks at your employees’ workplaces and plan suitable protective measures.

  • The software module enables a safe design of workstations and processes.
  • You increase security for your employees through more transparency and clarity.
  • Due to the central filing you can save a lot of time.
  • Based on incident management, you can easily and quickly create risk assessments.
  • You use a uniform system and standardized wording.
  • All data is recorded in audit-compliant documentation.

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Example Process: Risk Management

Creation of the GefB-template
Implementation or completion of the measures
Preparation of the operating instructions, organization of the instruction
Implementation of the GefB, derivation of measures and assignment to employees
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures
Implementation of the reporting

Functions of risks & hazards

Risiken & Gefährdungen: Vorlage Gefährdungsbeurteilung
Risiken & Gefährdungen: Verbandbuch
Risiken & Gefährdungen: risikobezogene Maßnahmen

Risk assessments

Bandage book

Risk management

  • Drafting of risk assessments for activities, plants, mental stress and hazardous substances
  • Drafting of operating instructions with subsequent training of employees
  • Development of templates for frequently recurring hazards
  • Recording of incidents and (near) accidents with detailed information
  • Preparation of accident reports for the employers' liability insurance association
  • Documentation of all incidents and (near) accidents
  • Organization of incident management throughout the company
  • Evaluation of comprehensive statistics and reporting
  • Building up a standardized hazard catalog
  • Risk assessments
  • Bandage book
  • Risk management

First Aid Manual Software

Our first aid manual is an independent software module of the iManSys software world Risks & Hazards. Record all incidents such as accidents and near misses individually and completely.

Accidents and first aid at work must be recorded in a comprehensible manner and kept for a period of five years. This is stated in the basic documentation obligations for companies according to DGUV regulation 1, section 24, which allows the derivation of necessary preventive and corrective measures for everyday work within the framework of effective risk management. Our iManSys first aid manual software offers you everything you need for this.

  • Self-explanatory input masks guide you quickly and easily through the program.
  • Create accident reports with detailed information about the incident.
  • Create each incident individually and complete all relevant information.

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Complies with DGUV regulations

Information about the accident:

  • place and time
  • The cause of the accident or the cause of the damage to health
  • Type and extent of the injury or illness

Information on first aid:

  • Type and manner of the first aid measure
  • Name of the injured person
  • Name of helpers and witnesses

A documentation function can also be used to store images and other files in addition to the incident.

Manage all procedures centrally in one database with our first-aid manual software.

All data records are stored centrally and are presented clearly in tabular form. You always keep the overview.

Create accident reports for your employer’s liability insurance association.

With just a few clicks you can create an accident report for your responsible employer’s liability insurance association. For this purpose, the accident data is transferred to a standard form. You can edit the entries in the fields of the form at any time. It is then possible to export the accident report as a pdf file.

Access extensive tabular and visual statistics.

The iManSys Verbandbuch software offers you various possibilities to generate statistics from the incident data. These include tabular and visual overviews. Statistics can be easily individualized thanks to filter criteria. Generate statistics according to locations or company divisions, according to accident types or an injury or illness.

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