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Instruction contents

Training content on numerous topics

In collaboration with our competent content partners, we offer you extensive content on a wide variety of topics for our software module Instruction & Training. This content is continuously checked by our occupational safety specialists. We provide (optional) comprehension tests for each of our instruction and training courses.

If the instruction topics you require are not available, we will work with you to develop the relevant content.

Solo work I, II, III & IV

Commuting accident
Insurance coverage
Business trips
Rules & effects

Microsleep I & II
An accident, now what?
Traffic safety

Basic training
Practice management tasks
Electrical equipment

Initial training: General information
Initial training: Young people
Ladders & steps: Introduction
Requirements for step ladders, steps and platform ladders
Requirements for single ladders
Trips and falls

Operational pandemic planning
Emergency organisation
Health and safety signs
Cleaning work

Employer’s obligations
External company coordination
Coordination of work I & II

Demolition work
Application area-specific lifting equipment
Load bearing and load
Protective clothing and labelling
Construction site safety

What are tight spaces
Hazards and risk assessments
Activities and accident blackspots
Hose lines I & II

Assembly work
Cement and cement preparations

Earthmoving machines
Wheel loaders I & II

General operating instructions
Operating instructions content I & II
Operating instruction maintenance & introduction
Risk assessment

Fire prevention
What to do in the event of fire
Fire classifications, extinguishing systems
Hazardous substances, explosive area
Risk assessment

Lone work office
Correct sitting
Writing desk
Screen, mouse and keyboard
Call centre
Saving energy in the office
Work equipment testing

Effect of electricity
Protective measures I & II

Protective gear
Unlock and secure
Voltage-free, grounding, short-circuiting
Cover and release
After work is done

Working in the vicinity of live parts
First aid
Handling technical equipment: Work equipment & protective measures
Handling technical equipment: Safety rules
Handling technical equipment: First aid

Basic duties and procedures in the event of an accident
Examination of facility and helpers

Gases and pressurised gas cylinders: Gases and their risks
Hazardous substances: Introduction
Ordinance on hazardous substances
Protective measures

Hazardous substances: The hazards of KSS
Hazardous substances: Protective measures for KSS
Hazardous substances: Cooling lubricant – cycles and duties

Care for the elderly and sick
Organic substances
Protective measures
Safe working in the hospital

Painting and varnishing work
Work equipment testing

Fall protection I, II & III
Working at heights I & II

Mobile scaffolding
Scaffolding I, II & III
Lifting platforms

Industrial trucks I, II & III
Forklifts I, II, III & IV

Data protection I, II & III
Email I & II
Spam mails

Terms & duties
Noise level

Lifting and carrying
Hazards and safety measures
Storage equipment
Traffic routes

Alcohol & drugs
Accidents at work & occupational diseases
Mental stress
Addictive substances

Back-friendly working in production
Machines, systems and surfaces
Safety devices
Night and shift work
Systems requiring monitoring

Cutting machines I & II
Electrostatic coating

Sheet metal working safety I & II
Hot glue systems

Foot and knee protection
Ear protection
Basic information
Skin protection
Head protection
Protective gloves
Protective clothing

Fall protection
Respiratory protection
Eye protection
Rescuing from high/deep locations
Protection against drowning
Stab protection

General welding
Handling gas hoses and pressure reducers
Handling burners
Gases and their dangers
Labelling, handling and storage
Cylinder batteries and steel cylinders

General welding
Electric welding
Arc welding I & II
Welding pollutants I, II, III & IV

Ionising radiation
Cold work
Radiation protection

Switching devices

Who loads the truck
Loading bridges
Load securing (loading and unloading of trucks)
Transport of dangerous goods by road

Craft knives
Liquid ejectors I & II
Hand tools
Chain saws

Biological Agents Ordinance (handling of animals)
Enclosure security I & II
Area-based hygiene
Enclosure access

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