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How we define innovations

Innovations are based on creativity, curiosity and problem-solving skills

Our customers approach us with a wide variety of requirements – we demonstrate solutions, offer advise on implementation and analyse future needs. Our customers benefit from our sophisticated solutions, an optimal balance between ease of use and functionality, as well as attractive license variants.

We are aware that innovations have to be created and steered. We see innovations not just as a collection of ideas and inventions, but as complex processes full of ideas in which advantages are sensibly combined with one another or completely new things are created. These processes combine creativity, curiosity and problem-solving skills, and create real solutions for existing problems.

Innovationen von und mit domeba

Always up to date

The current pandemic has made it necessary to work from home. This changed form of working life is set to establish itself in the long term. In the ‘Coaching sales employees and management with sales figures’ advanced training course, which is funded by the European Union, new approaches and methodologies are learned and developed. This has helped train supervisors to enable connection between employees and team from a distance.
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