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How we define innovation

Innovations are based on creativity, curiosity and solution competence.

Our customers come to us with the most varied requirements – we show solutions, advise on implementation and analyse future needs. Our customers benefit from our mature solutions, an optimal balance between ease of use and functionality as well as attractive licensing options.

We are aware that innovations must be created and controlled. We see innovations not only as an accumulation of ideas and inventions, but as complex processes involving ideas, in which advantages are sensibly combined with each other, or completely new things are created. These processes combine creativity, curiosity and solution competence and create real solutions for existing problems.

Innovationen von und mit domeba

Management training Hands on!

Managers, some of whom are their own specialists without management experience, must be coached and trained. In order that the domeba can continue to grow healthily in its structures, a further education sponsored by the European Union and the Free State of Saxony, “Führungskräftetraining Hands on!”, will make the management team uniformly fit in dealing with established management instruments, which give them security so that they can act exemplary as superiors.

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Would you like to learn more?

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