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Hardware solutions

Information terminals and communication systems

In collaboration with our partners, and in addition to other solutions, we develop hardware solutions for you to achieve systematic visitor and external company management. Our terminals, which can be easily combined with your existing hardware, are core hardware products.

We would be happy to configure basic components and peripheral devices for you according to your specific requirements, for example cameras, card readers and special printer solutions. In addition, we create the necessary interfaces for desired software systems.

Application example: External company briefing at the self-service terminal

External employees who are to be given access to selected areas of your company require training. In this situation, modern self-service terminals are helpful. To save space, you can set up these complete systems in the entrance area of your company, for example.

Visitors do not need supervision during their external company training. Even common input devices such as keyboards and mice can be dispensed with thanks to the integrated touchscreen display. However, these are available at any time for other purposes.

With the help of our iManSys software module, Instruction & Training, you can configure your external company management via administrator access on your own computer and customise it according to your requirements. Necessary training materials can now be easily created and assigned to the appropriate visitors.


Every visitor needs log-in data for the external company training via the terminal. He or she receives this either in advance from an employee with administrator rights (for example a responsible doorman) or after self-registration directly at the terminal. After logging in, the visitor sees their personal start area (dashboard) with the training courses that have been assigned to them.

During the training courses, the visitor receives the necessary knowledge to be able to enter certain areas of the company. In addition to text content, both images and videos can be integrated. If necessary, a short comprehension test can be included. This usually consists of multiple choice questions. If the test is successfully completed, the external employee can be activated by a responsible person and enter the company premises.

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