Matthias Domes - CEO domeba

Matthias Domes – CEO domeba

We are ready to assist you with advice and support during each phase of our collaboration. Our methodical, solution-oriented analysis is our strength. We understand you and your company’s day-to-day operations. Sustainable results are always at the center of our attention. Depending on kic cc cvd and scope of the task we will provide one of our experts or a tecm with the required mix of expertise to assist you.

We offer you consulting, planning, adaptation, implementation and maintenance of our software systems. Among others, we are at your disposal with the following main points:

  • demand analysis and consulting
  • adaptation and extension of our software modules according to your needs
  • planning and implementation of a complete intranet system
  • development of software modules which allow mapping your specific business processes
  • development of easy-to-implement software interfaces matching your company’s corporate design
  • development and implementation of special designs and navigation diagram/graphicsproviding and hosting services
  • service and maintenance

Cloud computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), server virtualization or external hosting – no matter what your requirements are, we offer the right customized solution. domeba handles the interface design of personnel and access control systems. We offer support in individual hardware/software environments as well as during the adaptation and development of software.

Do you desire a personal consultation to our products and our service? We gladly give you advice.

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