iManSys Skills & Kompetenzen

Deploy the right employee at the right time and in the right place with the software module skills & competencies, which quickly and easily organizes your entire education and competency management program.

Our modules:

Skill management Education management

Optimal support for human resource planning and development

Systematically record and chart who knows what in your company and keep track of your employees’ certification status. Use this information to develop measures for the targeted planning and development of personnel. Efficiently manage replacements, project staff and temporary substitutes and distribute your employees’ skills across different levels of the company.

Effective knowledge management

Make optimal use of existing knowledge to support individual employees, teams, departments or entire facilities. After all, the rapid implementation of acquired knowledge will help you reach your corporate objectives. The centralized management and documentation of training measures, credentials and successes allows you to track your employees’ development at all times.

Recognize and manage the need for additional training

Determine which employees are subject to workplace-related compliance requirements and provide them with the appropriate training or instruction. Manage credentials and certificates, keep track of their validity and take appropriate measures to keep them up to date.

Your advantages with iManSys skills & competencies

  • Targeted selection of personnel for activities and projects
  • Effective advancement of employees
  • Optimized multifunctionality and redundancy of critical positions
  • Systematic, active dialog between supervisors and employees
  • Monitor and document training measures
  • Maintain credentials and certificates
  • Expand your company’s expertise and innovative strength

Basic functions of the software

  • Create requirement profiles for work stations: You easily define and manage work station and goal-oriented skills.
  • Determine your employees’ strengths: You get an overview of the skills and abilities of your employees. You can create competence profiles quickly and easily.
  • Utilize existing knowledge: The system helps you deploy employees for tasks that correspond with their level of knowledge and their competences.
  • Recognize the need for continuing education: You can individually identify and define useful continuing education measures for your employees.
  • Monitor tasks with regards to deadlines: You easily manage attestations and certificates for skills and abilities and check their validity.

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