iManSys Risiken & Gefährdungen

The iManSys software module risks & hazards helps you identify and assess risks and implement measures. This gives you an overview of all hazards and enables you to reduce your company’s risks in the long term.

Our Modules:

Risk assessment Psychological stress Accident database First-aid log Lockout/Tagout

Convenient risk and hazard assessment

Catalogs and freely definable checklists are used to create a hazard or risk assessment for each workstation, activity or technical facility with minimum effort. iManSys also assists you in assessing psychological stress at the workplace. You define a risk by determining its probability of occurrence and the expected extent of damage. The integrated employee suggestion system collects tips and suggestions that can help you manage risks.

Effective control of measures

iManSys risks & hazards gives you an overview of the specific risks and needs for action in your company. You plan and initiate technical, organizational and personal measures. The software helps you manage those measures. The resulting risk reduction is visualized as a function of their implementation.

Keep an eye on everything

Risk and hazard assessments can be shared individually and archived for audits, and the steps of persons participating in the process can be tracked systematically. A follow-up feature makes sure documents are periodically reviewed and updated.

Complete documentation of accidents

iManSys features a first aid log for tracking and documenting accidents at your company. In addition, you can analyze your accident database and track near-accidents.

Your advantages with iManSys risks & hazards

  • Create transparency with regard to risks and hazards
  • Design safe workstations and procedures
  • Reduce effort by monitoring deadlines for measures and follow-ups
  • Minimum effort in spite of customization thanks to powerful templates
  • Audit-ready documentation in a centralized system
  • Ensure compliance by establishing risk minimization tasks and measures
  • Comprehensive statistical evaluation and reporting features

Basic functions of the software

  • Use uniform catalogs: You describe tasks and work stations based on a uniform terminology and can attach corresponding documents and images.
  • Structured recording: You can process standardized risk catalogs and link them with the description of tasks and work stations.
  • Assess risks: The probability of occurrence and severity of damages are displayed in a graphical overview.
  • Use the best-practice method: Typical risks for defined work stations and processes are displayed. Measures for reducing or remedying risks are recommended.
  • Monitor measures: You always have an overview of the current progress of the measures. The schedule tracking system displays whether and, if applicable, where there is additional need for action.
  • Utilize the recommendation system: Notes and suggestions from employees for reducing risks are recorded.
  • Document risk assessments: You can track and review all risk management activities. Documents are given a version number and are archived.

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