iManSys Vorschriften & Pflichten

The iManSys software module regulations & obligations provides a convenient overview of all laws and regulations and enables you to take corresponding measures to guarantee compliance. The simple and intuitive software makes both the initial setup as well as the daily use at work a breeze.

Our modules:

Corporate compliance Legal database Delegation of obligations Audit management Employee suggestion system Measure management

Centrally manage and link legal standards

Applicable legal standards and self-imposed rules, guidelines, codes, etc. (corporate compliance) are centrally stored in regulations & obligations. The ability to link elements such as training courses, technical facilities, documents or hazards with the applicable rules and the comprehensive action management system help you adhere to regulations and obligations.

Recognize the need for action and respond in a timely manner

You are notified automatically whenever a standard is changed and can review the changes. You can respond quickly with a suitable measure, e. g., by adapting a training or instruction. The concrete content of a law or standard can be viewed at any time with the push of a button.

Plan and organize audits

To verify your company’s compliance you can manage and coordinate audits with the iManSys action management module. Audit results can easily be divided into individual measures, assigned to the responsible party and tracked.

Your advantages with iManSys regulations & obligations

  • Individual link with legal databases possible
  • Display changes in laws and legal standards at the push of a button
  • Instantly recognize a need for action and react in a timely manner
  • Comprehensive action management
  • Prepare, plan and evaluate audits
  • Targeted documentation and assignment of measures ensure traceability of your compliance requirements
  • Improved transparency in your company

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