iManSys Arbeitsmedizin & Vorsorge

The iManSys software module occupational medicine & health care makes it quick and easy to organize and document statutory preventive exams and follow-up appointments.

Our modules:

Preventative occupational medicine

Efficient scheduling and management of preventive exams

iManSys assists you with all aspects of planning and scheduling. Reminder features ensure that appointments are kept and duplicate appointments are avoided. In addition, the module also assists you with need-oriented planning and budget allocation. Our solution offers an efficient way for your company to provide the right preventive occupational healthcare and ensure that your employees are healthy enough to carry out their assigned tasks.

Everything at a glance – everything documented

iManSys occupational medicine & health care offers a comprehensive overview of each employee’s current status and requirements with regard to preventive occupational medicine. Your employees are notified of upcoming appointments and can decide whether or not to accept preventive care suggestions. It goes without saying that all preventive exams and their results are documented and archived without the inclusion of health data.

Targeted measures

Initiate appropriate measures in consultation with your company medical officer and track them in the system. Any required additional or follow-up appointments can also be planned and coordinated in iManSys.

Your advantages with iManSys occupational medicine & health care

  • Efficient organization and complete documentation of preventative examinations
  • Quality assurance through comprehensive reporting without collection of health data
  • Support demand-oriented employment and budget planningEmployee information and self-determination
  • Cost savings from the effective management of appointments and the prevention of duplicate preventative exams
  • All appointments, measures and process steps at a glance

Basic functions of the software

  • Get an overview of the need for and status of examinations of all kinds: You can record obligatory, voluntary, requested and suitability examinations.
  • Manage appointments: You have a planning module and a comprehensive overview of which examination appointments are up next or need to be planned.
  • Inform participants about pending examinations: Your employees are automatically notified via email about examinations and can respond with an acceptance or rejection of voluntary examinations.
  • Record and document examinations: Examinations are individually recorded for each employee. Medical details are not documented due to data protection regulations.
  • Manage measures and processes: Based on the results of examinations, you can define and track measures.

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