iManSys Motivation & Vernetzung

Take advantage of the gamification approach to playfully teach any subject to your employees. Our iManSys software module motivation & networking fosters your employees’ involvement in projects and increases their motivation to deal intensively with topics. As a result, technical focus areas become a company-wide topic and are acknowledged by your employees.

Our Modules:


Increase motivation with contests

iManSys motivation & networking allows you to hold contests during, for example, a project rollout or training course and ask questions related to the event. You’ll be guaranteed to have your employees’ full attention and interest.

Many different options

You have the option to upload your own questions to the system and determine when a contest begins and ends. After the contest, correct answers are published, winners are drawn and prizes are assigned automatically.

Recognize training needs

Completed contests can by analyzed anonymously in iManSys. Based on those analyses you can easily identify focus areas for additional training.

Your advantages with iManSys motivation & networking

  • Employee acceptance of and sensitization to work-related subjects
  • Effective transfer of knowledge through playful, self-regulated learning
  • Increase your employees’ interest and motivation for dealing intensively with specific topics
  • Identify focus areas for additional training measures by analyzing game results

Basic functions of the software

  • Plan raffles: Define the times, the number and the content of the questions for your raffles yourself.
  • Execute the raffles: Automatically control the announcement of the raffle, the start and end, the notification of the winners and the assignment of the prizes based on a schedule.
  • Use a flexible point system: You can define individual points to be awarded for correctly answering the raffle questions.
  • Manage prizes with images: Promote the appeal of participating by presenting attractive prizes.
  • Maintain an overview of all the raffles: You can execute as many raffles as you want and manage them in the system.
  • View anonymized evaluations: Statistics about the answers provided help you correctly estimate the level of knowledge and define focal points. Evaluations are always performed with the appropriate anonymity.

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