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The iManSys software module instruction & training is the ideal learning management system for all of your company’s qualification measures, whether you train and instruct your employees in person, online or virtually in areas such as occupational health and safety, environmental protection and data protection. The software is simple and intuitive, so it’s very easy to get started and use it.

Our modules:

Web-based training Personal training Virtual classroom training Instructions for contractors E-learning

One solution – many instruction and training options

iManSys instruction & training lets you design your educational offerings with maximum flexibility while at the same time helping you meet your statutory entrepreneurial duties with personal, web-based or virtual instruction and training. iManSys makes it easy to combine web-based and personal training and to organize, implement and document it using the software. Verbal training can also be planned and executed within the framework of an online meeting.

Flexible uploading of various learning content

Upload learning content created by you or acquired from external sources to the system. You can use any standard file format (such as PowerPoint, PDF, SCORM, etc.) to upload content with a few mouse clicks. This allows you to design your training and instruction with a high degree of flexibility and independently of suppliers.

Optimal training success and a comprehensive overview

After a training course, administer an optional, individually created comprehension test (without a performance test). The software module instruction & training gives you an overview of all training activities and deadlines. The software includes directly assignable administrative rights to ensure data protection. That way each user only has access to the specific information assigned to him or her. The system also does not allow performance tests, and test results are evaluated anonymously.

Efficient instruction for external companies

It is also easy to instruct contractors, suppliers and visitors. This allows you to keep track of who is on your premises at all times. For international use the software is available in over 25 languages (can be expanded upon request).

Your advantages with iManSys instruction & training

  • Location- and time-independent training and instruction for all employees
  • Adaptation to your training concepts and company size thanks to modular software
  • Supplier independence thanks to the use of standard formats, such as PowerPoint, PDF or SCORM
  • Reduction of workload for managers
  • High degree of user acceptance thanks to easy and intuitive operation
  • Verifiable knowledge transfer thanks to data protection compliant, individual comprehension tests
  • Audit-proof documentation, including a complete record of exceptions

Basic functions of the software

  • Set learning content of any kind: You can include your own standard documents (e.g. PDF, PowerPoint) as well as externally acquired content (e.g. SCORM).
  • Individually assign learning content: You have the option of assigning classes for individual employees as well as customized learning goals for entire departments or groups.
  • Holding classes: Your employees do not require any EDP skills to complete classes; the system can be operated intuitively.
  • Perform a comprehension test at the end of a class: The participants’ comprehension of the training materials can be tested using a number of questions set by you. Successful participation in a class will be documented.
  • Document classes without gaps: You can record all kinds of classes. External and internal classes as well as online and in-person classes are documented in accordance with auditing standards.
  • Use the software in 25 languages: iManSys is conceptualized for international use.
  • Train employees from external companies without problems: Employees from external companies can complete classes either at their own company or at the beginning of their stay in your company.

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