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Our iManSys software module documents & data allows your employees to find the information they need with just a few mouse clicks. The software can be used as an electronic manual and document publishing tool with graphic support to provide employees with targeted information. You can publish documents company-wide, speed up processes and implement workflows.

Our Modules:

Electronic manual Contract management Management of inspections of work equipment Hazardous substances register Technical facilities & permit management individuelle Dokumententypen Dokumenten-Publishing

Data and documents are always up to date

All recorded files or object types, such as manuals, checklists, company records, contracts and forms, are always available in the most current version. They are stored by version in the system, archived based on a predefined need and controlled conforming to standards. Several employees can work on a document at once within the framework of a workflow, for example to plan a release. The system facilitates the intuitive use of the documents.

Maximum variety, many options

In documents & data, any document or object can be filed and managed using a variety of data structures. This results in a number of possible applications: management of work equipment subject to mandatory testing and of technical facilities subject to approval, creation of electronic manuals, creation of a hazardous substances register and many more.

Efficient hazardous materials management

The software module documents & data makes it easy to take care of your hazardous materials management needs. Customizable object types allow you to record all required documentation, numbers and names and offer a variety of important features: management of stock, identification of items that must be stored separately, follow-ups (e. g., for recurring tasks, reviewing the up-to-dateness of safety data sheets, etc.), creation of operating instructions, implementation and documentation of substitution checks and approval of hazardous substances for specific work areas.

Your advantages with iManSys documents & data

  • Targeted provision of up-to-date data and information
  • Higher information density thanks to the ability to visualize relationships
  • Standardized control of data sets
  • Centralized, environmentally friendly document management
  • Find required information quickly and easily
  • Track deadlines and tasks
  • Additional features available for certain document types, e. g., linking operating instructions and hazardous substances

Basic functions of the software

  • Manage documents: You can record and manage all desired documents in accordance with standards and norms.
  • Assign version numbers to documents: Every employee with access rights will always be provided with the most current version of the documents. This is supported by release processes and archive classes.
  • Visualize connections: The visualization in the system and the targeted use of virtual redundancies ensure quick searches and intuitive usability.
  • Use the subscribe function: When changing and updating relevant documents, you and your employees can be notified automatically by email if necessary.
  • Plan workflows and follow-ups: You get support with work stationrelated and process-oriented work processes and can organize follow-ups on documents based on a schedule.
  • Define and monitor tasks and dates: You have an overview of currently pending tasks and appointments.
  • Illustrate internal processes: The system is flexible and can be individually customized and can thus be integrated into your internal processes.

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