Are you looking for Software for your Compliance Management? Are you seeking to organize your employee training and occupational health care, assess risks, keep a record of your employees’ skills or provide targeted information? Whether you need to accomplish only one of those tasks or several, you have come to the right place!

Our software suite iManSys helps your company fulfill all compliance requirements. It is a key success factor for carrying out all tasks related to personnel, quality, security and environmental and occupational protection.

Allow us to introduce the individual software modules of iManSys:

  • With iManSys regulations & obligations you ensure your company’s compliance efficiently.
  • The iManSys software module instruction & training saves you time and money while training your employees.
  • iManSys skills & competencies is the ideal software solution for skills management and personnel development.
  • The iManSys software module occupational medicine & health care helps you organize your company’s occupational health services.
  • iManSys risks & hazards is the ideal tool for risk assessment and risk management.
  • With the iManSys software module motivation & networking you can use contests to motivate your employees.
  • iManSys documents & data allows you to publish documents and provide targeted information.

The iManSys software suite is characterized by:

  • Outstanding performance and flexibility
  • Exceptional ease of use
  • An integrated approach to modules and procedures
  • A uniform user and control concept
  • Easy management of features and structures
  • The use of established standards
  • Easy integration into any corporate environment and its existing systems

Our systems can be introduced quickly and easily in any industry sector. Our products can be customized, expanded and combined to fit your individual needs!

Any questions? We’ll be happy to advise you!

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